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A few years ago, I would be joining you now in raising my arm. (And would most defiantly have a sweat patch under my armpit showing the sweat through my shirt.)

But now thanks to the "Stop Sweat Today" system I am dry and in control of my excessive sweating which hasn't troubled me for over 32 months now.

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Hi, my name is Will Morrison and like I mentioned above I used to suffer from overactive sweat glands under my arms, my palms and my forehead. I've experienced the embarrassment, depression and the anxiety that often accompanies this condition.

My problems with excessive sweat started whilst at high school. It caused me a lot of daily frustration and anxiety, which is a double edged sword as this makes the sweating worse.

My school had a uniform, but luckily it allowed me to wear a white shirt, which I came accustomed to, to try to hide the sweat.

Anyway I got through School after spending years trying to cover up, consciously wearing shirts and tops which would hide my unsightly sweat patches. This didn't get any easier whilst working life began either. I was constantly concerned about my underarms. My self-esteem dropped even further.

I tried hundreds of different antiperspirants and started to became desperate to find a solution...

  • I tried applying the antiperspirants several times a day.
  • I tried wearing undershirts to try to soak up some of the sweat before it seeped through my shirt.
  • When 1 undershirt wasn't enough, I tried wearing two
  • When I was in the restroom I would hold my arms up to the dryer vents, allowing cold air to flow up my sleeve to try and dry my armpits.
  • I took showers morning and night and sometimes even come home during my lunch break to shower.
  • I purchased electron devices that pushed electric currents through my skin and was supposed to stop sweat glands.

But Absolutely Nothing Seemed to Work...

One Christmas a close friend of mine gave me a book titled "Control Your Sweat" I laughed and put it to one side like it was a novelty Christmas gift. After lunch and a few brandy's later I picked up the book and started to get indulged in the introduction, everything was so relevant to me.

The following morning I began designing my plan of action to stop my sweat problem and followed everything word for word what my book stated.

By the end of the day I had not drip a drop of sweat? I thought this could be a fluke so monitored the situation over the holidays, and to my surprise NO SWEAT. I thought to myself, once I get back to work the anxiety will come back and it will start again, but a few weeks back at work and not a single drip.

Its now been 32 months and still I am in complete control of my sweating and old friends often ask as they knew how much of a problem it was for me and they are all so surprised and pleased for me when I explain.

Being a writer for a newspaper column and an online geek my wife suggested to me one evening

..."Why don't you write a book to show others how you overcame your problem."


Introducing "Stop Sweat Today"

A Practical Guide to Preventing Overactive Sweat Problems

This ebook contains everything you need to know to put an end to your sweating quickly, and naturally just like me!

  • Imagine no more embarrassment
  • Imagine no more anxiety
  • Imagine no longer needing to waste money on undershirts
  • Imagine no longer being forced to wear clothes which hide the sweat
  • Imagine no more sweat patches!

This unique remedy has worked for me and is now working for thousands of happy customers just read the testimonials on this page.

SUCCESS STORY #1: Mikey Finn

"Wow, I can't beleive this works..."

"Two words - IT WORKS! Thank you so much Will Morrison for passing on this amazing remedy."
Mikey Finn - Canada


SUCCESS STORY #2: Grace Stevens

"...I'm deeply thankful..."

"What can I say other than I'm deeply thankful. You have changed my life and allowed me to start wearing things I never had the confidence to wear previously. Thank you."
Grace Stevens - New Jersey, USA


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