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From: Justin Michaels

Dear Soon to be Real Estate Guru,

Have you tried investing in Real Estate and failed? Or are you looking at taking the leap into this tricky but extremely profitable industry?

What ever your reason is for reading this, I'm confident we will have a solution that is right for you. The problem with 99% of real estate investment books is that they are full of valuable information, but 80% of the people reading them will never have the resources or know how to follow up with the advice given but these professionals. So what makes ours different?



Real Estate is a complicated business and without the right "know how" you can lose A LOT of money! So why is it so tricky? The main reason why people in this industry find it so hard to make money is because A, there are so many different methods, types of investments (land, apartment buildings, homes, commercial buildings etc) and B, there are so many things that can go wrong. If you haven't planned correctly for these possible eventualities you can be left in a horrible place with failure being the only option.

Whatever the type of real estate you are investing in there are loads of different ways you can make your profits so choosing the right financial strategy will be vital to your success.


With our proven system you don't need prior investing or business experience. You don't need knowledge of housing markets. You don't need a college education or a head for numbers. All you need is the right training!

Testimonial 1

Your Book is probably one of the best things to ever happen to me! 6 weeks after taking your tips I had bought and sold my 1st property. What's even more amazing is that 2 weeks later I closed the second one and have made my annual salary within two months! Thanks for changing my life and helping me fulfil my dream of earning a living in real estate. - Lindsay Mackstead, Charlotte NC


Testimonial 2

Your confidence, experience and integrity helped me get past the fear I had of doing my first deal. I can never thank you enough for laying it out so simply and helping me into the wonderful world of real estate investing. We have had great time working on our new house which we purchased for $14,026.00 and will appraise for about $35,000.00! I have a feeling we just may become "real estate guru's ourselves". Thank you from your honest and open methods. - Kenneth Nelson, Gresham Oregon


Here is a glimpse of some of the topics we will be discussing in this book.

  • What It Takes To Become a Successful Real Estate Investor
  • Why Invest In Real Estate?
  • The Advantages of Real Estate Investing
  • The Magic Touch Is A Myth
  • You Don't Have To Start Small

Real estate investing is not rocket science. All it really requires is a determined individual who is willing to take the time and learn the business. Real estate investing does not require large sums of money, inside contacts, or a magic touch. All that is really necessary is knowledge and that is what you will find in the pages of this book.

Only $49.95

Containing everything you need to get your property business venture 'off the ground'.


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