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Discover How To Increase Your Income From
The Convenience of Your Home Part-Time or Full-Time

Be Your Own Boss, Work When You Want To, And Live Out Your
Life's Dreams With This Proven, Turn-Key Business Opportunity

Hello Future Entrepreneur,

Are you tired of the same daily routine? Get up at a certain time each and every day, get dressed, kiss the wife and kids goodbye, grab your favorite beverage and inhale it on the run, catch the bus, or get a taxi, or get the car out of the garage and fight the traffic to the office, only to find yourself exhausted when you get there?

Now is your chance to earn as much money as you want from the convenience of your home or your favorite vacation spot. Earn an extra income and work the hours that are convenient for you. You can work part time or full time, the choice is yours. You decide how much time you want to work and how much money you want to make.


A few years ago not many people new about the World Wide Web and the internet. Many companies became successful and now are household names. The owners of these companies are multimillionaires from doing business on the internet.

It's your turn to grab your share of the vast amount of money being spent on the internet today. Many individuals go on the internet in search of finding an opportunity. I believe we can offer you that golden opportunity today. The decision is totally yours.

Let me introduce myself. I am William J. Rieger, President and Founder of WJR Enterprises, which was founded and created to offer opportunity through choice. I am located on the World Wide Web at

I am not a multimillionaire or even a millionaire, just a common ordinary individual that wants to live a dream life like a number of other human beings. Although, I got to tell you, some day I do want to be a millionaire and capture my share of the internet riches that are available, but I need your help.

I believe in giving people a choice by offering a chance to own an internet business just like this site. No, I don't know everything there is to know about internet marketing and sales, but I am willing to learn and also help as many people as I can.


As an internet business owner affiliated with WJR ENTERPRISES, you will make money every time someone makes a purchase from one of your partner sites listed on the WJR ENTERPRISES site at .

The good thing about an online internet business is you can make money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, while you are relaxing in the pool at your dream house, on that dream of a lifetime vacation, or cruising around town in that luxurious dream vehicle.

You don't have to worry about your business calling in sick, going on vacation, leaving you short of help, coming into work late, leaving work early, or not showing up.

The lifeline of any business is its advertising. Without advertising you won't have many sales, if any, therefore not much profits. Without advertising, no one will know who you are or where you are located. It's kind of like having a store with-out customers or a store without an address.

The amount of advertising you do and the amount of time you spend promoting your business is your choice, but this will directly affect the amount of money you make.


Proven Turnkey Business

Absolutely Free Membership

Registered Independent Sales Partner

Assigned ID Number For Tracking Sales

No Hidden Costs, or Charges Ever

No Computer Experience Necessary

Professionally Designed Web Site

Free Domain Name

Free 12 Meg Site

Site Constantly Maintained and Updated

Free Hosting Service For Your Site

Your Site Operational Within 48 Hours

No Product Handling Necessary

No Inventory To Keep Track Of

No Stock To Maintain

No Merchant Account To Worry About

No Shopping Carts To Maintain

We Keep Track Of Inventory For You

We Process All Online Orders For You

Get in on the fast growing internet riches now!

This program will not be available for long. We reserve the right to limit the number of individuals that get this business absolutely for free. So don't wait. Sign up NOW!!

Nothing can be any easier than watching your bank account get larger and larger and larger! Agree?

The profit potential is unlimited. We supply the site, the products, and even do the shipping. No products to handle, no orders to fill, and no inventory to stock. All you have to do is advertise "YOUR STORE". Remember, you are your own boss; you set the hours you work or don't work. I'm sure by now you are asking yourself, "What do I get out of this?"

That is a fair question to ask. We are proud to offer you this complete turnkey business for free, and to offer you 50% of the profits off of each sale that you make, for helping us grow this business. Profit checks will be mailed out by the 20th of the following month.

No Checks will be mailed out for less than $50.00. If at the end of the calendar month you have not achieved $50.00 in profits, then your profits will be carried forward to the next month and so on, but I know once you get your business started, waiting for a profit check will not be a problem, and neither will the monthly carry over.

I told you at the beginning that I needed your help and now I am asking you for your help and in turn we will split the profits 50-50 with you. The more traffic you drive to your site through advertising, the more sales potential there is and the more money you can make. It's that simple. Its now your turn to live a life of luxury!

A Word of Caution

Sending unsolicited email, commonly known as spamming, IS NOT ALLOWED. Any one caught spamming will have their business and account terminated immediately and all profits forfeited. So please DON'T SPAM! Do not send unsolicited email!

If this sounds like a deal to you, CLICK HERE and sign up now! Don't wait.

Offering You Opportunity through Choice

William J. RiegerPresident
Erma J. MagnessVice President

WJR Enterprises
170 SE Main Street
Peach Orchard, AR. 72453




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